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When Hush Hush founder Izabel Wicker set out to find the perfect glow in Austin, Texas, she discovered that the city was missing the ONLY truly customized method of sunless tanning.  Izabel knew that sun-kissed skin is attainable during one easy, personalized visit—not through hours spent lying in the sun or a tanning bed, and not in 30 seconds of mysterious misting by a machine in a closet.  The universally-flattering, golden hue we all crave, and the method to achieve it that celebs keep on the down-low, is the custom airbrush tan that Izabel knew she could offer. 


Izabel completed months of research, perfecting her airbrush technique and testing countless organic solutions, finally creating a superior, flawless spray tan.  After nearly two years of private house calls, the word was out and demand heightened for the exceptional HHT glow.  Clearly, a physical studio was required to bring more of the tan that all Austin residents deserve and 1502 West 6th street became HHT's first home.

At first, we offered one tanning room, which grew to two, and now four.  HHTan’s growing clientele called for more experts to provide more happy glows!  To ensure that every client receives consistent results, Izabel personally trains all new certified tanning specialists.

Izabel’s quest for flawlessness didn’t stop there.  To further perfect every glow, she created her own HHT solution, as well as a complementary product line that includes tan extender, body scrub, body wash, and moisturizer.

In addition to many local honors, the superior Hush Hush tan has been nationally-recognized as...

...one of the BEST SPRAY TANS in the country by InStyle magazine’s prestigious Ultimate Beauty Black Book and in Vogue.com’s list of Where to Go for the Best Spray Tan from Coast to Coast.

Although all of this success has drawn Izabel to a principally behind-the-scenes role, don’t be surprised if she rings your door bell for your next house call.  More than anything, she still enjoys making clients feel their confident best with a customized glow that accentuates their unique look.

  • Angie Risher

    Until I started going to Hush Hush Tan, my color never looked natural. The staff at Hush Hush is always welcoming, accommodating and makes me feel comfortable.

  • Lynnsie Jammal

    I have never come across a color that is so natural looking which is the main thing that keeps me coming back.

  • Tessie Watson Crow

    The solution that Hush Hush tan is my favorite of any airbrush salon! It provides a natural bronze color and it isn't sticky like the solution at other salons. The staff is very personable and they all do their best to make sure every client is happy. I've always left very happy with my results and I have been going for years!

  • Karen Ryan

    I have been to multiple spray tans salons around Austin and Hush Hush has provided by far the best tan. The color is the most natural looking and the tan is always even and beautiful.