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•  Shower, shave and exfoliate using oil-free products.
•  Do not apply body or face moisturizer.
•  Schedule hair/spa treatments and workouts prior to appointment.
•  Wear loose-fitting, dark clothing.


•  Remain dry for the 6-8 hours following your appointment.  You must not sweat or get wet until your first rinse off.
•  Take short, warm showers using mild, non-scented soap; shave with a light touch.
•  Pat skin dry and moisturize with a mild lotion or Hush Hush Tan Enhancer.
•  Avoid skin contact when applying perfume (apply only to clothes and hair).


Although you may feel slightly damp during the hour following your tan, feel free to go about your normal daily routine.  Remember to stay dry and avoid touching your skin to ensure that your tan dries flawlessly. Your tan will begin to darken over the next 2-3 hours.  You may shower lightly after 8 hours, allowing some of the “cosmetic” tan to wash off, and letting your beautiful dark, golden glow appear. Limit exposure to pools and hot tubs, as this may fade your tan and note that the solution is water soluble and will wash out of clothes and sheets. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Your airbrush tan can last up to ten days it depends on how well you prep before and after care for your skin. Long hot baths or showers and exposure to chlorine will speed up the fading process. Using a tan extender designed to sustain the airbrush tan, or mixing body lotion with self-tanner, at least once daily, will extend the life of your tan by 50% to 75%.
Shower, shave, and exfoliate. After showering do not apply any body or face moisturizers, make up, or deodorant. Complete all hair/spa treatments and workouts before your tan. Wear loose, dark clothing or bring some to put on after your tan.
For women, a bottom cover is required. We do have complimentary disposable undies available, and c-string no show undies for sale $6.00 a pair. For men, we require you wear a bottom covering such as boxers or briefs. We do have disposable boxers for sale $3.00 a pair.
How does the solution work? DHA (dihydroxyaceone), the safe active ingredient in our bronzing solution, is an FDA-approved keto sugar that produces bronze color without irritating or damaging the skin. It works on the top layer of the skin only and fades just like a real tan over approximately 7-10 days, depending upon how you prepare your skin before a tan, and your after-care treatment.
Yes! DHA has been approved for cosmetic use by the FDA. It is considered nontoxic and non-carcinogenic. DHA based sunless tanning has been recommended by the Skin Cancer Organization, American Academy of Dermatology, The American Cancer Society, and the American Medical Association. Although there is no evidence that any of the ingredients in our tanning solution would cause a problem for nursing or pregnant mothers, please check with your doctor before receiving an airbrush tan.
No, most people won't see any effect on their hair, however light blondes, gray or platinum haired people may initially see some discoloration from the bronzer in the solution. It will wash out with your first shower. We also have complimentary hair caps available.
The entire process takes approximately 6 minutes or less to complete.